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The Netbook Effect: How Cheap Little Laptops Hit the Big Time

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Article Title: The Netbook Effect: How Cheap Little Laptops Hit the Big Time.

Author: Clive Thompson

Wired Magazine:17.03

Three Main Ideas From The Article

1. Mary Jensen invented the netbook, it’s an inexpensive computer with wi-fi, a colour screen and full keyboard, which will be sold for about $100. It was made for third world countries . It uses flash memory, Linux software and used an AMD Geode processor, which requires less energy.

2. Technology was made for the bottom of the technology, but people on the top of the pyramid want these netbook, for personal uses when they are outside and want to use wi-fi for internet. It ended the performance war beacuse these netbooks can do almost anything.

3. These netbooks are so cheap, they reshaped the fundamental economics of the pc buisness. The $300 device is so good, people  no longer need to get an $1000 laptop. For everyone who want to just go on the internet, netbook will dominate.

I Really Agree With The Author About This…

I agree that these new cheap devices called netbooks will soon dominate the pc buisness because most just use computers for the internet. These netbooks can achieve these needs at a cheap and reasonable price at $100, they are also light weight and uses lesser energy. I also agree that could be a world wide product because it’s so cheap even people in the third world can afford it and also use it for longer time due to netbook’s ability to use lesser energy. Overall, I agree that netbooks are cheap and economically friendly and also fits people’s needs.

I Really Disagree With The Author About This…

I disagree with the author about how these net books can become better because the software and system of the netbook, won’t allow it to be improved without increasing the cost. IF they improve the netbook, it wouldn’t be as cheap as it now. Netbooks I believe have a great future, but won’t replace laptops because it’s more like a secondary device.

Six Real-World Application In This Area of Techology:

1. Light Compact Disk             

 2. Smaller and lighter power units


4. Longer lasting batteries

5.More portable devices       

6. Different Secondary Devices

Three Questions I’d like To Ask To Research, Based On This Article

1. If they can still develop a better netbook or setting newier, what will they add on or change from  the netbook?

2. How durable are these cheap netbooks, can they last as long as a laptop or desktop? Since thier so inexpensive, what material are used for the sheell?

3. Are the netbooks going to replace laptops? or will it remain as a secondary device used away from laptops and just for entertainment/leisure? Will netbooks be made more like laptops?

This article talked about how netbooks are dominating the market due to it’s cheap prices and uses. I learned that even thought a design may be more simple, but is made to fit people’s needs, in this senses, most people just use laptops to for internet, which means instead of buying a $500-2000 laptop, they can buy a netbook for $100. Making a design with more functions doesn’t really mean it is better because when designing it’s also important to know people’s needs.