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Reflection: Sun + Water= Fuel

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Author: Kevin Bullis

Publication: Technology Review’s Energy Editors.


1. Nocera has found a reaction that generates oxygen from water much as green plants during photosynthesis . This achievement that could have profound implications for energy debate.

2. Electricity from solar power panels power an electrolyzer, which breaks water into hyrdogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is stored at night or on a cloudy it’s fee into a fuel cell to produce electricity.

3. As solar power energy grows, more problems will occur, it’s unrealibility becaome as serious problem. Solar energy is too expensive to store, but now this artificial photosynthesis could provide a practical way of staring energy. This has a great future in freeing people from electric grids and also it’s environmental energy stored.

What Do I Agree With The Author About This…

I agree with the author about how artificial photosynthesis could provide a practial way to store energy produced by solar energy, which could free people’s homes from the electric grid. Also I agreeit has great potential of to solve the world’s energy problem, also it will be carbon-free energy on a massive scale.

What I Disagree With The Author About This…

This maybe a great idea, but I believe this will be expensive due to the cost of electroliyzers, which could split water. I agree this has great potential, but will be a risk for people to invest in and I belive it won’t be able to get every household due to it’s expensive cost.

Six Real-World Application In This Area of Technology

1.Solar energy in homes

2. More environmental friendly energy

3. Renewable energy

4. Other types of energy

5. Use this in electrical cars

6. Newier Electrical appliance

Three Questions I’d Like To Research, Based On This Article

1. How many years will it take to just get all of North America to be able to use this new source of energy?

2. How much money does it cost for this in your house?

3. How reliable are these electronzyers?

This was the one of the first assignments I was given in this course, basically it talked about the new way of making energy, how it’s made and the effects it could have on the world. Also they talked about the pros and cons or so called debate on this topic. I think that this assignment taught me about the impact that technological design could have on the world and how it could improve people’s lives.


The Netbook Effect: How Cheap Little Laptops Hit the Big Time

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Article Title: The Netbook Effect: How Cheap Little Laptops Hit the Big Time.

Author: Clive Thompson

Wired Magazine:17.03

Three Main Ideas From The Article

1. Mary Jensen invented the netbook, it’s an inexpensive computer with wi-fi, a colour screen and full keyboard, which will be sold for about $100. It was made for third world countries . It uses flash memory, Linux software and used an AMD Geode processor, which requires less energy.

2. Technology was made for the bottom of the technology, but people on the top of the pyramid want these netbook, for personal uses when they are outside and want to use wi-fi for internet. It ended the performance war beacuse these netbooks can do almost anything.

3. These netbooks are so cheap, they reshaped the fundamental economics of the pc buisness. The $300 device is so good, people  no longer need to get an $1000 laptop. For everyone who want to just go on the internet, netbook will dominate.

I Really Agree With The Author About This…

I agree that these new cheap devices called netbooks will soon dominate the pc buisness because most just use computers for the internet. These netbooks can achieve these needs at a cheap and reasonable price at $100, they are also light weight and uses lesser energy. I also agree that could be a world wide product because it’s so cheap even people in the third world can afford it and also use it for longer time due to netbook’s ability to use lesser energy. Overall, I agree that netbooks are cheap and economically friendly and also fits people’s needs.

I Really Disagree With The Author About This…

I disagree with the author about how these net books can become better because the software and system of the netbook, won’t allow it to be improved without increasing the cost. IF they improve the netbook, it wouldn’t be as cheap as it now. Netbooks I believe have a great future, but won’t replace laptops because it’s more like a secondary device.

Six Real-World Application In This Area of Techology:

1. Light Compact Disk             

 2. Smaller and lighter power units


4. Longer lasting batteries

5.More portable devices       

6. Different Secondary Devices

Three Questions I’d like To Ask To Research, Based On This Article

1. If they can still develop a better netbook or setting newier, what will they add on or change from  the netbook?

2. How durable are these cheap netbooks, can they last as long as a laptop or desktop? Since thier so inexpensive, what material are used for the sheell?

3. Are the netbooks going to replace laptops? or will it remain as a secondary device used away from laptops and just for entertainment/leisure? Will netbooks be made more like laptops?

This article talked about how netbooks are dominating the market due to it’s cheap prices and uses. I learned that even thought a design may be more simple, but is made to fit people’s needs, in this senses, most people just use laptops to for internet, which means instead of buying a $500-2000 laptop, they can buy a netbook for $100. Making a design with more functions doesn’t really mean it is better because when designing it’s also important to know people’s needs.

What I learned from Tech Design

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Throughout this course I learned many different factors about technical design. What I learned:

  • Fundamentals tech concepts
  • Design + Planning Skills
  • How to use autocad
  • How to make a blog
  • How to design a condo (design process and making design)
  • Designing consumer product (manufacturing process, materials and others)
  • Effects on society, health and safety
  • How to writeTechnical writing

I think I learned the most from the consumer product assignment because I learned how to work as a team, designing something to fit people’s needs, manufacturing process and others. This project taught me what technogical design meant, which is to make products that fit everyone’s need and the ways to make it.

What I learned from: Autocad

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment
AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting) software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting. Our class used autocad for our condo design, which you  may find in my blog. From this assignment I learned:
  • Learned to use many functions
  • How to make shapes
  • To draw lines, arrows, arcs, circles and polylines
  • Draw 2D drawings
  • Add text
  • Hatching
  • Make proper measurements

My Opinion: Globus Workstation

January 10, 2010 Leave a comment

The Globus workstation is a portable work area designed by Michiel van der Kley, which can be used mainly in offices, public and residental areas. The workstation has an urban/ modern look and the table and chair can be folded into a sphere. It can be easily moved on rollers and is said to be able to efficently save space. It’s design is to create a more flexible environment for the employees.


  • Urban/ Modern Look
  • Can be easily adjusted or moved
  • Saves space


  • Expensive ($5000)
  • Can’t be stacked, making it harder to store away
  • Not alot of desk space
  • For normal office table and desk, either one can easily be replaced if broken, but for the Globus design, specific parts are needed.

In my opinion i think that this design has more downside then upside. First of all, the desk are small and can only hold items the size of a laptop, which means it can’t be used in offices as they will need space to working environment. Since these workstations fold into spheres, they can’t be stored by being stacked up, which actually takes more space then ordinary office furniture. The upside is it’s looks and is good for temporary use only, therefore good in public areas. Other than that it isn’t practical due to the lack of working surface and cost, but would of been more effective if it had an actual work surface instead of just a chair and tray.

My Opinion: Optalert Glasses

January 9, 2010 Leave a comment 

The Optalert Glasses look just like and feel like ordinary glasses, but has technology in it, which can detect drowsiness by using invisible pulses of light to detect eye and eyelid movement, 500 times per second. These tiny light detectors and receivers are built into the frames of Optalert glasses worn by the operator. The glasses are connected to the Optalert vehicle system, installed within the vehicle, which processes all of the information transmitted from the glasses. The design of these glasses I think is smart because it keeps the driver safe and alert because 20-30% of road accidens are caused by drowsiness, fatigue or inattention. It is also used in buisnesses as they help reduce the risk of operator fatigue. Which I think is a huge benifit because they spend lesser money on health cost and workers can work in a more safer and risk free environment. 

Optalert  helps the users: 

  • Protect themselves and others on the road
  • Reduces Injuries and accidents
  • More alert and attentive

Optalert glasses have a large market because almost everyone in North America have vehicles, plus there is a market for buisness and industries. I think that Optalert glasses will have alot more opportunity to be expand and be improved.

My Opinions: Conversation Chair

January 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Conversation chair is designed by Ana Linares, the design was first Inspired by the old Victorian courting chair, which enables people to sit comfortably facing each other. The size of this chair is 28”h x 36”w x 24”d and can be either used indoors or outdoors. It is made of a single sheet of steel which is cut and bent to the specifications of the chair, and finished off with a gloriously decadent powder coat.


  • Promotes eye contact and
  • Metal provides strenght
  • Unique/ Modern Look
  • Interior and Exterior use


  • Expensive ($4800)
  • Not suitable for every place, more suited for commercial or public use only

The  design is simple, but also gives an abstract interest, which may attract many buyers.  I think that people wouldn’t just buy it for it’s urban looks, but also the uses it provides and it’s social meaning . Another upside to this design is it’s made of steel, allowing it to be able to be placed outdoors or indoors, providing the users to have more choice of where to have a conversation.