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Reflection: Sun + Water= Fuel

Author: Kevin Bullis

Publication: Technology Review’s Energy Editors.


1. Nocera has found a reaction that generates oxygen from water much as green plants during photosynthesis . This achievement that could have profound implications for energy debate.

2. Electricity from solar power panels power an electrolyzer, which breaks water into hyrdogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is stored at night or on a cloudy it’s fee into a fuel cell to produce electricity.

3. As solar power energy grows, more problems will occur, it’s unrealibility becaome as serious problem. Solar energy is too expensive to store, but now this artificial photosynthesis could provide a practical way of staring energy. This has a great future in freeing people from electric grids and also it’s environmental energy stored.

What Do I Agree With The Author About This…

I agree with the author about how artificial photosynthesis could provide a practial way to store energy produced by solar energy, which could free people’s homes from the electric grid. Also I agreeit has great potential of to solve the world’s energy problem, also it will be carbon-free energy on a massive scale.

What I Disagree With The Author About This…

This maybe a great idea, but I believe this will be expensive due to the cost of electroliyzers, which could split water. I agree this has great potential, but will be a risk for people to invest in and I belive it won’t be able to get every household due to it’s expensive cost.

Six Real-World Application In This Area of Technology

1.Solar energy in homes

2. More environmental friendly energy

3. Renewable energy

4. Other types of energy

5. Use this in electrical cars

6. Newier Electrical appliance

Three Questions I’d Like To Research, Based On This Article

1. How many years will it take to just get all of North America to be able to use this new source of energy?

2. How much money does it cost for this in your house?

3. How reliable are these electronzyers?

This was the one of the first assignments I was given in this course, basically it talked about the new way of making energy, how it’s made and the effects it could have on the world. Also they talked about the pros and cons or so called debate on this topic. I think that this assignment taught me about the impact that technological design could have on the world and how it could improve people’s lives.

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