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TypePad is a blogging service created by Six Part Ltd in 2003 and is used world wide by numerous countries. TypePad is based on Six Apart’s type of  platform, it shares technology with Movable Type such as templates and APIs, but is marketed to non-technical users and includes additional features like multiple author support, photo albums and moblogging. TypePad is also currently used by many large organizations and media companies to host their weblog, such as ABC, MSNBC, the CBC, the BBC and Sky News.


  • Blogging is simple
  • Easy to find blogs
  • No advertisement
  • Hundreds of themes
  • Choice of using free blogs or professional blogs
  • Blog can be posted on iphones and Facebook


  • Need to pay for pro

Even if you need to pay for TypePad Pro, I think that TypePad offers more professional designed themes, control over your content, and ways to make money.  I think that I would choose to use TypePad instead of Blogger or WordPress because it provides thousand of themes, allows you to add javascript, allows you to build a connection between twitter and facebook, and provides you more tools/services.

There is a chart of the comparisons between TypePad, Blogger and WordPress: http://www.typepad.com/about/typepad-vs-wordpress-vs-blogger.html

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