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My Opinion: Globus Workstation


The Globus workstation is a portable work area designed by Michiel van der Kley, which can be used mainly in offices, public and residental areas. The workstation has an urban/ modern look and the table and chair can be folded into a sphere. It can be easily moved on rollers and is said to be able to efficently save space. It’s design is to create a more flexible environment for the employees.


  • Urban/ Modern Look
  • Can be easily adjusted or moved
  • Saves space


  • Expensive ($5000)
  • Can’t be stacked, making it harder to store away
  • Not alot of desk space
  • For normal office table and desk, either one can easily be replaced if broken, but for the Globus design, specific parts are needed.

In my opinion i think that this design has more downside then upside. First of all, the desk are small and can only hold items the size of a laptop, which means it can’t be used in offices as they will need space to working environment. Since these workstations fold into spheres, they can’t be stored by being stacked up, which actually takes more space then ordinary office furniture. The upside is it’s looks and is good for temporary use only, therefore good in public areas. Other than that it isn’t practical due to the lack of working surface and cost, but would of been more effective if it had an actual work surface instead of just a chair and tray.

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