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My Opinion: Disposable Paper Laptop


Computer are items that we uses everyday and it is becoming more advanced. Many people buy the new laptops for it’s functions and new softwares and when older laptops aren’t needed anymore, they are simply thrown out. Which is an major problem to our environment, but if it’s the laptop’s functions the user wants, they no longer need the metal/ plastic cases anymore, as Je Sung Park has design “Disposable Paper Laptops.”

Like disposable cameras, these disposable paper laptops are cheap and can be easily thrown out. The disposable laptops are made of recyable paper or pulp paper, which means it’s eco- friendly as it could be re-used. Another advantage is if the external case is damaged, it is made in multiple layers, which make it easy to replace. I  could see myself buy one of these if I was immediate need of a laptop as I don’t need to actually buy a new laptop. The only concerns I may have is the durability and people may not like the case, as they may want more different types of designs/ styles.

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