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My Opinions: Conversation Chair


Conversation chair is designed by Ana Linares, the design was first Inspired by the old Victorian courting chair, which enables people to sit comfortably facing each other. The size of this chair is 28”h x 36”w x 24”d and can be either used indoors or outdoors. It is made of a single sheet of steel which is cut and bent to the specifications of the chair, and finished off with a gloriously decadent powder coat.


  • Promotes eye contact and
  • Metal provides strenght
  • Unique/ Modern Look
  • Interior and Exterior use


  • Expensive ($4800)
  • Not suitable for every place, more suited for commercial or public use only

The  design is simple, but also gives an abstract interest, which may attract many buyers.  I think that people wouldn’t just buy it for it’s urban looks, but also the uses it provides and it’s social meaning . Another upside to this design is it’s made of steel, allowing it to be able to be placed outdoors or indoors, providing the users to have more choice of where to have a conversation.

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