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My Opinion: Optalert Glasses


The Optalert Glasses look just like and feel like ordinary glasses, but has technology in it, which can detect drowsiness by using invisible pulses of light to detect eye and eyelid movement, 500 times per second. These tiny light detectors and receivers are built into the frames of Optalert glasses worn by the operator. The glasses are connected to the Optalert vehicle system, installed within the vehicle, which processes all of the information transmitted from the glasses. The design of these glasses I think is smart because it keeps the driver safe and alert because 20-30% of road accidens are caused by drowsiness, fatigue or inattention. It is also used in buisnesses as they help reduce the risk of operator fatigue. Which I think is a huge benifit because they spend lesser money on health cost and workers can work in a more safer and risk free environment. 

Optalert  helps the users: 

  • Protect themselves and others on the road
  • Reduces Injuries and accidents
  • More alert and attentive

Optalert glasses have a large market because almost everyone in North America have vehicles, plus there is a market for buisness and industries. I think that Optalert glasses will have alot more opportunity to be expand and be improved.

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